Reading Cassandra Soars’ book called “LOVE LIKE FIRE” about Heidi Baker and her life story, I felt pulled along in God’s river of liquid love and fire. What a unique and totally yielded life and ministry and what an example to follow. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Reinhard Bonnke

“I have known Rolland and Heidi for many years now and count their friendship as an honor. Their love for Jesus is wonderfully displayed in all of the countries that they minister in. I have seen firsthand the results of the message they bring and its miraculous results. I encourage you to read this account of their life and love for God and in turn that you let it transform your life.”

David L. Hogan

Heidi Baker is one of my most favorite “Heroes/Sheroes”. I have known her both in public ministry and in private sessions and I can truthfully say she is one of the most authentic people I know. She is living, walking LOVE and has truly been an inspiration to me.  “Love Like Fire — The Story of Heidi Baker”  will move you emotionally and will invite you through passion to a walk of selfless love — the highest calling in the Kingdom.  I cherish this book; it reveals the heart of God.  I cherish this book… and I cherish Heidi.

Patricia King

Heidi Baker is the most amazing Christian I know.  Her story is one of love, compassion, and supernatural power. Her story is an amazing story, making such good material for an amazing book.  I am glad that we have a book not just about part of Heidi’s life, but about her life. If you love love stories you will love this book.  If you love adventure stories you will love this book.  If you love stories of sacrificial love you will love this story.  If you love stores about the supernatural miracles you will love this story. If you love stories of supernatural provision you will love this story.  I highly recommend The Story of Heidi Baker, as a must read for all.


Randy Clark, D. Min.

Founder and President of Global Awakening

I have read many books in my life and very seldom a book captivates me the way this one did. I could not put it down. Cassandra Soars has a way of narrating the story that carries you into it. Her ability to draw you into the journey is so real that with every word you partake of the experiences she lived. She makes it so natural that you will not just read it but live it. As I read each chapter I “met” the people,”saw” the places, cried with each of them, and rejoiced in their triumphs. This book caused my faith to increase tremendously and challenged me to love and pursue God with intense passion. This book will inspire you and will change you. It will take you into higher heavenly realms and will cause you to live an extraordinary life as you walk among real and ordinary people like Jesus did!

Isabel Allum

Legends are often grounded in truth. And though the stories in this book have that legendary quality that we so often read about in the stories of saints of old, I can assure you that the stories in this book are not embellished. They are all true. I have never met a person so abandoned to God as Heidi Baker. I have personally observed her in the midst of precarious situations, such as calming people down in the midst of violent riots, boldly preaching to witch doctors holding venomous snakes, and cradling dying children in her arms. And in every situation, she is fearless. The Bible says: There is no fear in love . . . Heidi is truly in love, first of all with Jesus, and then with the least, the last, the lost and the broken. ‘Love Like Fire’ will surely inspire you to love others more deeply as well.˛

Stacey Campbell

It is impossible to spend time with Heidi Baker and not be impacted by the intense and divine love that drips from her words and shines from her eyes. Reading Love Like Fire was like spending a few days with Heidi, hearing her stories and seeing her in action. Love Like Fire has captured the essence, the value system, the unreasonable perseverance and the boundless love that energizes and compels Heidi. If you’ve never met Heidi, you will meet her in the pages of this book. More than that, you will be confronted with the burning and relentless love of God that transforms everything it touches. Your life, your plans and the world around you may never be the same!

– Charles Stock, Senior pastor, Life Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Note from Heidi Baker regarding “Love Like Fire”:

I endorse Cassandra Soars with great love. I am grateful for the ways that Cassandra poured out her life in Pemba. Her book “Love Like Fire” captures the joys and challenges of life on the mission field. It describes one of the hardest seasons in my life, but God is faithful and has restored all things beyond what I could have imagined, miraculously healing Rolland. I pray that each person who reads this will be encouraged to allow God to take hold of their lives and give everything for His glory even in the toughest circumstances.

Heidi G. Baker, PhD
Co-Founder and Director of Iris Global